Monday, June 15, 2009

Webmachine 1.3: streamed bodies, multipart forms, and efficiency

Easily the most requested feature for Webmachine since its release has been the ability to "stream" the request and/or response bodies, instead of having to receive or send them in one potentially-large hunk. As of the most recent version, this feature is now available. See the wiki page for details on the API.

A number of other changes are also in, such as multipart form parsing, improved efficiency by changing a gen_server (per request) into a parameterized module, and so on... but I suspect that the streamed bodies are what people are really looking for most. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Sweet. Thanks.

Justin Sheehy said...

You're quite welcome.

Andy Gross just posted a note showing a use of the multipart form parsing at:

Anonymous said...

I want to use Webmachine to build a long-polling application. For this I need a process for each client that with have a queue for messages. When webmachine accept a request it should ask the process if there are any messages waiting in the queue.

Can you recommend how to build it?
Should the process be a part of webmachine or separated?
Does it need to be a FMS to support authentication stage or something else?